Other Activities


Drumming is energising and relaxing and offers a simple way to experience “ meditation in action” by focusing on a straightforward rhythm, with all the consequent benefits of meditation. Everyone can drum - it requires no special ability or previous musical experience and is easy to learn. ( It is not recommended for those with injuries where drumming could trigger pain or for those who have suffered any type of fit or seizure).

Drumming to a “ resting heartbeat” rhythm maintained by a group leader is calming and has been found to slow and deepen breathing and to slow brainwaves.


The Benefits of Drumming

  • is energising;

  • helps with co-ordination;

  • helps with concentration;

  • is playful and fun;

  • can be used to beat out negative emotions such as anger, grief and fear;

  • can reduce pain;

  • can help people find their own rhythm ( through improvisation);

  • is sociable, helping groups of people to bond with each other

Please contact me if you are interested in joining a  drumming group.

Vocal toning

Vocal toning is a method of using our voice (through intention and direction) for self- healing rather than for entertainment or performance. The voice is gently directed at various parts of our body and feels like a sonic massage. Everyone can do this and it is not about quality of voice. It is easy to learn and does not require any previous musical experience.

The experience is calming and energising and is a form of meditation, which slows the breathing.

The Benefits of Vocal Toning:

  • release negative emotions;

  • authenticity in expression and finding one’s own voice;

  • relaxation;

  • concentration;

  • confidence;

  • release pain

I currently run a vocal toning group which meets monthly. Please contact me if  if you are interested in trying this activity.