Virginia Nabavi - Profile

My Background

I grew up in London and attended a very academic and musical school, which led to my obtaining a place, aged 16 to attend the Royal College of Music to study violin and/or piano. I did not take this place up and a couple of years later went to Somerville College, Oxford to study history. I then qualified and practised as a corporate lawyer in the City of London for 6 years.

In my early 30s I left the law and qualified as a piano teacher as an external student of the Royal College of Music. I continued my piano studies with the late Bernard Roberts for 5 years and have taught piano and violin for over 20 years. Bernard Roberts was the first British pianist to record the Beethoven piano sonatas on CD and provided great inspiration and an introduction to the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner.


My Journey to becoming a Reiki Practitioner

I discovered Reiki "by accident" as a relaxation therapy 15 years ago and loved it from my very first treatment. Its gentleness, yet power continues to fascinate me, together with its ability to move people forward with whatever their condition may be, encouraging a greater state of wellbeing and the client's own healing. Coming from an academic and legal background, I took time to qualify with several teachers in the various levels of traditional and then Karuna Reiki over a 12 year period, receiving and giving many treatments along the way.Many thanks go to the love and wisdom of my teachers Pam Holmes, Idania Matamoros,Cheryl Farris , Ann Pattihis and Jacqueline Mary Piper. Reiki never fails to restore me to peace, serenity and relaxation and to ease aches and pains. Each treatment is different, bringing the client whatever they need most at that time on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

My discovery of Tuning Fork Healing

My love of music and Reiki led me to explore music therapy and sound healing and their possible uses. In 2010 I discovered tuning fork healing and trained with Peter Goldman and Geoffrey Montague-Smith at the Atman Clinic in Tunbridge Wells. I was struck by the beautiful sound produced by the tuning forks and how calm, relaxed and energised all participants were at the end of the day. I have continued with ongoing training with Peter and Geoffrey over the last 10  years and find that the tuning forks, like Reiki can alleviate a wide range of conditions, bringing stillness to the mind and encouraging the body to heal itself.

For me, with my background in the more "masculine" world of corporate finance, I am conscious that Reiki and the tuning forks help to balance our "masculine" and "feminine" energies and apply them appropriately.

Qualifications & Memberships

I have the following qualifications MA Oxon ( history), ARCM ( piano teaching) Reiki Master ( traditional Usui and Karuna). I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and a Volunteer Complimentary Therapist at the Pickering Centre in Tunbridge Wells where I offer Reiki and tuning fork treatments.