Tuning Forks


Introduction to Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks have been found to promote relaxation and wellbeing by introducing healing sound vibrations to the body and its surrounding energy field. I have been trained to identify which sound frequencies are needed by a client and how much sound is needed at the time of treatment, in order to produce the optimal state of wellbeing for the client at that time. The sound and vibrations of the forks bring a stillness to the mind and have been described by the clients as peaceful, blissful and relaxing.

Biosonic Tuning Forks

I use biosonic tuning forks, which were put through clinical trials in 2003 by John Beaulieu, an American composer, Mental Health Counsellor and Naturapathic Doctor and found to produce nitric oxide in the human body. Nitric Oxide acts as a relaxant and is antibacterial and antiviral.

(See John Beaulieu - Human Tuning - Sound Healing with Tuning forks 2010)

Tuning Forks and the "golden ratio"

The principal pair of forks I use are tuned in the "golden ratio" to each other. This is the mathematical ratio found in nature, music (for example there is a high incidence of this ratio in the music of J.S. Bach) art (there are many examples in the works of Leonard da Vinci) and elsewhere. This ratio is thought to be linked to "the natural order". In Lynne McTaggart's "Intention Experiment" (pub 2007) prayers for the "restoration of the natural order" for groups of people undergoing medical treatment were found to be the most effective form of prayer, compared with other prayers. Jonathan Goldman, Director and Founder of the Sound Healers Association in America has coined the phrase "healing=intention+frequency" in relation to sound healing. Working with the intention to facilitate the greatest healing possible for that client at that time, the client is relaxed by the sound, which encourages the client to do whatever is necessary for their own healing. Often the vibrations produced by the forks will release blocks in the flow of a client's energy or take a person to a deeper level of awareness, where they know what they need to do to resolve a problem.

Please see the "Conditions" section of my website for examples of problems which can be alleviated by tuning forks.